Top 10 Benefits of Lemons

Through deep breathing and consumption of alkaline forming foods, we create an optimal environment for cellular activity and nutrient assimilation and absorption. 


Lemons are acidic though, right?! Yes, but lemons are alkaline forming in the body, which helps restore pH in the body.

Here are the top 10 benefits of lemons:

  1. Digestion - high citric acid content in lemon stimulates digestion and aids in food breakdown.
  2. Peristalsis - lemons stimulate the waves of muscle contractions, known as peristalsis, that keep the bowel moving.
  3. Vitamin C - lemons are immune boosting against colds & flu; they fight wrinkles; and help neutralize cancer-causing free radicals. The free-radical-neutralizing vitamin C  supports healthy skin,  fights wrinkles, heals blood vessels, tendons and bones because vitamin C is used in collagen formation and collagen is the building blocks of skin. Used topically, lemon can help reduce appearance of scars. Oh, and also, lemons were used to treat scurvy. 
  4. Potassium - lemons are rich in potassium which is good for heart health, brain and nerve function
  5. Liver - lemons promote detoxification in the liver and stimulate production of bile
  6. Stoners - citric acid in lemons helps break down stones (gallstones, kidney stones, and calcium deposits)
  7. Antibacterial Properties - lemon juice is a powerful antibacterial agent used as a food or as a topical household cleaning ingredient. 
  8. Weight-Loss - pectin fiber found in lemons helps promote satiety so you'll be less likely to reach for mindless snacks.
  9. Reduces Inflammation - uric acid is countered by reducing overall acidity in the body, and by consuming alkalizing lemons, the pH of the body is brought back into or closer to homeostasis which means less inflammation.
  10. Aids with Iron Absorption - pairing vitamin C rich foods with iron rich foods will increase absorption of iron and lessen likelihood of anemia which is linked primarily to iron deficiency

As you may already know, I strongly suggest beginning each day with room temperature or warm water with lemon juice. Throughout the day, for the above-named-reasons it is ultra beneficial to make lemon water your beverage of choice!

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Be good to you,

W xo