A Twist on a London Fog...

As winter (hopefully) comes to an end, the variable weather has left me - and many others - with feeling slightly run-down. Tonight I was craving a milky elixir to soothe an almost-sore-throat and wavering body temperature (I'm hot...no, wait, I'm cold... Now I'm hot again, seriously?!) 

Vanilla-Bean Egyptian-Licorice Clementine Fog

Vanilla-Bean Egyptian-Licorice Clementine Fog

What you will need to make this gluten-free, dairy-free treat:

  • 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk (or milk substitute of your choice) 
  • fresh vanilla bean pod
  • a spoonful of coconut oil
  • a pinch of maldon salt 
  • a spoonful of maca powder
  • a twist of clementine
  • an Egyptian-Licorice Yogi Tea tea bag (or whatever you may have on hand)
  • love (the secret ingredient)

This is how I mixed up this concoction.

I boiled some filtered water. And poured 1/4 cup over the tea bag and let it steep into a concentrated tea. 

Meanwhile, in a saucepan I gently heated up 3/4 cup of vanilla almond milk (choose your favourite non-dairy milk substitute of your preference).

I then, distractedly, checked my phone. 

After regaining focus, I split a vanilla bean pod and put all of its antioxidant-rich goodness into the saucepan with almond milk (I used the entire "little pod's" contents which is apparently rather extravagant - use a quarter or a half of the bean if that suits you). 

I mixed in a spoonful of coconut oil for its antibacterial properties to help fight off this potential cold my body is warning me about.  

Lastly I tossed in a twist of clementine, the tea mixture, maca powder, Maldon salt and love - all while whisking over gentle heat. 

I poured It ever so carefully into an attractive mug and enjoyed thoroughly, wishing I had made a wee bit extra.

If you prefer a sweeter mix, add a Medjool date to the tea steeping phase. Filter out the date or add it in to the saucepan as a treat at the bottom of your favourite mug. Raw honey will do just fine, too. Enjoy.

Be good to you.

W xo