Local Acts of Sheer Kindness.

Last night, Dan and I went on an impromptu dinner-date to one of our absolute favourite local spots, Pure Kitchen. We were craving something quick, flavourful, nutritious and healthy. 

for the vegetarian, the vegan, the omnivore and the flexitarian.
for the Westborite and the Glebite.
for the Hintonburgian and the Centertownian.
for the sidewalk surfer and the Gatineau Park explorer.
for the napper and the kayaker, the yogi and the circuit-trainer.
for the gamer, the gardener, the courier and the cycle-to-worker.
for the punk rocker and the Bluesfester.
— www.purekitchenottawa.com

We showed up and there was a small wait for a table. No biggie. It's always so worth it! There was a group of four ahead of us, which turned out to be Dan's boss.

We chatted with them and shared some of our top-menu choices with them anticipating the imminent deliciousness to hit our palates. It was qutie funny because we ended up being seated next to their four-top and our meals were almost entirely synchronized from starters to dessert. (Yes, we had a little wee dessert!)

At the time of requesting the bill, our server informed us that Dan's boss had taken care of our bill. It was entirely unexpected and just PUREly (haha, PURE Kitchen, get it?) generous and kind-hearted!

West End Well, Co-Operatively Run Shop, Chill-Out, and Dine-In Spot. Photo Cred.: The World Wide Web, by Denise Deby.

West End Well, Co-Operatively Run Shop, Chill-Out, and Dine-In Spot. Photo Cred.: The World Wide Web, by Denise Deby.

Today's pace can be so quick and we become so task-focused, ruling out our surroundings and the human beings around us. So, the next time you're in line at your local coffee shop or the West End Well, for example, I challenge you to consider paying it forward.

The West End Well, a co-operatively run shop, chill-out, and dine-in spot in Hintonburg, has the most awesomest Pay It Forward system in place. You can buy what they call a "suspended coffee, bread, muffin, coffee or soup," which goes up on the "board" for anyone to claim, no-questions asked. It is an honesty based system, and the staff are very discreet with compassion, knowing it takes courage to ask for a suspended coffee, bread, muffin, coffee or soupAlternatively, you can Pay It Forward by making a modest donation to the West End Well's access fund, which they will in turn pay forward to some of their partners, including the Parkdale Food Centre.  Sweet, right?

I hope that you will be compelled to pay it forward in a small way today and tomorrow, and the next day. Open the door for someone. Give a smile to a stranger. It all counts, baby!

Thanks for the inspiration goes out to Dan's boss.

Be good to you.

W xo