Top 6 Sexy Morning Rituals You Need Now.

My morning ritual is something that makes me feel energized, empowered and ready for the day.

If for some reason my day starts off in a less ritualistic manner, I feel out of sorts - disorganized. It's manageable on occasion to have an off day where my rituals are left to the wayside (in fact it feels somewhat fun and rebellious); however, on the day-to-day, if I do not have some kind of ritual, I begin to feel a sense of self-abandonment because I am not nourishing my needs. When I stick to my rituals, I have a more purposeful connection with my entire day. 

My absolute favourite time of day is being awake before anyone else in the early morning - spring, summer, winter, or fall! There is nothing like the quiet and stillness of the morning. It's almost haunting in the most exquisite manner.

This is my ritual:

1. Wake Up - Yes, this is an obvious one. But I mean it. No snooze. Snooze gives a false sense of extra rest, when it is truly zapping energy and making us feel even groggier. Ew. When my alarm goes off, my feet hit the ground. I breathe in and out, deeply and bounce or crawl out of bed (depends on the day). I think of a something positive or set an intention for my day. Tip: if you struggle with waking up upon hearing your first alarm, place your alarm clock in another room which will encourage/force you to get up out of bed immediately!

2. La toilette - *TMI WARNING.  I pee and have a BM. I keep an eye on the quality of the aforementioned to determine weather I need to increase my water intake, for example.Then I brush my teeth - with a natural toothpaste - because of my next step...

3. Warm Lemon Water - I heat up water in my beautiful turquoise kettle. I squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon into one of my favourite mugs - this in itself brings about sense of pleasure & joy. If you don't have a moment to cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a glass with warm water every day, keep your eyes out for my next blog about a timesaver tip. I avoid brushing my teeth with a standard tooth whitening toothpaste before or after drinking my lemon water because it is abrasive on the enamel of the tooth, which could lead to sensitivity and discomfort. Natural toothpastes are great, for some, they take some getting used to. 

4. Movement - My personal preference is to workout or do yoga first thing in the morning - typically on an empty stomach. This has worked best for me especially with the unpredictable nature of IBS, but also it gives me a no-excuses approach to fitting in one of the most important things to me in my day. Do I love working out? Some days more than others. What helps me jumpstart my day and just do it is the thought of how I will feel once I've completed the workout, jog, bike ride, hike, or yoga class. I visualize that surge in energy,  the release of feel-good-endorphins & positivity which is enough to get me moving. Also, laying my workout clothes out the night before is a good way to get my ass in gear.  If I haven't set an intention for my day already for some reason, I will curate some nice thoughts during yoga or after my workout when my positive vibes are at an all time high.

5. Fuel - Breakfast is a major meal for me. In fact, it is one of my favourites. I will have a post-workout smoothie or eggs with sautéed or steamed vegetables. I like to have a protein heavy breakfast to keep my blood-sugar-levels stabilizied and my hunger under control. Sometimes I have a smoothie and eggs. I joke that it is my Breakfast 1.0 and Breakfast 1.1 and sometimes Breakfast 1.2.  My breakfast(s) sets me up for smart eating all day long.  I aim to eat half an hour within working out. If I am working out later in the day for some reason, I will eat breakfast 30 minutes after drinking my lemon water. 

6. Flow - Depending on the day, my agenda varies. I like to sit down and do some work, blogging, or reading when my mind is at its sharpest. As the day goes on, I like to interact with others and generate some creative space. So, once my morning rituals have taken place, I am happy to flow forward with my day.

It is crucial to set personal boundaries and express the importance of what rituals are important to you. This can prove challenging. I know I have had difficulty expressing it in the recent past and it backfires... It is easy to set your needs aside for others, but it is difficult to recover from the self-hurt it incurs. Remember to follow-through with what is important to you so you get be the best version of yourself. When you feel at your best, you can positively share with and give to others selflessly and abundantly. This is sexy. Very sexy.

So what is your morning ritual, routine, practice - or whatever you may call it?

The fall is an incredibly powerful time of year to incorporate new habits, beliefs, and systems into your world. Perhaps you would like to begin drinking warm lemon water each morning or simply eliminate the concept of the snooze button. Whatever it is, stick to it. It will probably suck for the first little while, but habits are not easy to break or form. In favour of the habits that have a positive influence on our day-to-day, dig deep and strive for one small shift everyday. Once the habit is formed, you will be better for it. Trust me.

Be good to you.

W xo