Expectations and Attitudes.

Generally, I hold high expectations of myself and others. Mom has always taught me to manage expectations and my attitude surrounding them (for my own good but mostly for the good of those around me!). The difference between an expectation and reality is often experienced as  "disappointment", but with the right lens, or attitude it can be laughed off, or let go of, or turned around. In holistic living there is happiness and sadness, darkness and lightness. You cannot have one without the other for it to be full, whole living. I strive to find as much happiness as I can each day knowing that there is an emotional "stickiness" at times. This emotional "stickiness" is not unlike physical tightness that you might feel during a yoga practice or a workout - a funk of sorts that you need to work through before you can progress. It's the obstacle that is preventing your expectation from being a reality. How do you recover gracefully from your unmet expectations? Do you panic? Freak out? Or say, "it is what it is...now it is time to move on!"? (If you're the one that is reasonable - congratulations to you...I am working hard to have that same reaction CONSISTENTLY! There are moments (sometimes days) in which getting out of my head and moving beyond my anxiety is seemingly impossible as I swim in a sea of unreasonable thoughts and expectations. I am human and have lots to work through - especially as someone that wears her heart on her sleeve.


During our drive across Canada, Lake Louise was one of many things we were keen to see. As we approached the Lake on the mild, sunny, late-April day through the wooded area surrounding the grounds of the Lake Louise Fairmont Hotel, much to our surprise, the famously green lake was not green as we had seen in countless photos since childhood! The lake was frozen over. This was the mere reality. Our expectation was that it would just be picturesque and perfectly represented as we had imagined. Instead of growing disgruntled by the obvious work of Mother Nature, we simultaneously laughed out loud. We were dumbfounded by the fact that it had not even occurred to us that the lake could have and would have been frozen over. This was a small reminder to me to just continue to be in the moment and not get lost in worry or upset of things not going as planned. I admittedly strive for control in certain areas of my life that give me the sense of safety and security. This upcoming adventure to Bali to complete my 200hr yoga teacher certification is an opportunity to grow and learn especially with regard to mindfulness and attitude. I look forward to meeting new people; gaining new skills; and evolving my practice of being in the moment with reasonable expectations of myself and others.


Here is to expectations, disappointment, and making the best of any situation even when it is tricky to dig deep.


So, stand tall like a tree even when the ground beneath is shifting and the wind is blowing. These psycho-emotional aspects are so integral and important to our overall health on a cellular level. We can eat all of the antioxidants and locally-sourced, organically produced foods in the world but a bad attitude will have adverse affects on the whole picture.


Be good to you,


W xo.

Lake Louise, Alberta  April 26, 2016

Lake Louise, Alberta

April 26, 2016