Essential Oils for Wellbeing

Saje Wellness, a Vancouver based company, strives to "[connect] people to the healing power of plants." The rich, earthy scent of diffusing oils will draw you into their boutiques. Even if you're not a self-proclaimed bohemian, hippy type, trust me, there is something for everyone in this store! 

My neighbour recently gifted me with  a roller-ball oil diffuser specifically for head colds called HEAD COLD. Its aromatics relaxed me and eased a pounding headache when I was sick. There was something so soothing and luxurious coming from this little measure of self-love!

Yesterday I visited their Ottawa Store at Rideau centre and my dad selected a nebulizer with three different oils for his office. He wants to create a stress-less environment, and Saje Wellness had just what he needed for the energy overhaul!  The diffusers are easy to use and budget friendly.

I picked up up another roller-ball diffuser called "MOON CYCLE" given my obsession with the moon and how its push and pull impacts us all (okay, some of us more than others... ahem...). MOON CYCLE  is a PMS relief remedy. Oh, how convenient. 

Next time, I might consider grabbing the EATER'S DIGEST. Roll this oil onto your belly (or 6-pack abs) and rub your palm over your stomach in a circle toward the left (i.e. clockwise) to stimulate and ease digestion. EATER'S DIGEST is one of the only oils in store that you can actually ingest. It acts as a breath freshener if you just lick a little bit off the back/palm of your hand. If you like "licoricey fennel", this is for you. 

Saje Wellness has soap, lotions, natural perfumes and teas in addition to its multitude of potions. You'll be sure to find the perfect host/hostess gift, birthday gift, of just-for-nothing gift to yourself or someone you love. The in-store staff is knowledgeable & informative about the various proudcts - if somehow the plethora of information slips your mind, visit their website for comprehensive lists of ingredients and usages of all products. 

And, guess what? Saje Wellness will be opening a boutique in Westboro in the New Year! I'm thrilled and welcome Saje Wellness to my neighbourhood with open arms.

Be good to you.

W xo

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