I live and breath a holistic lifestyle; not without falling off and getting stuck in the occasional emotional and physical rut and that's what makes it right. I am a true believer in being good to yourself, and also a true believer in appreciating and marinating in the moments you don't feel your best, or like being good to yourself (i.e. absently-minded eating obscene amounts of non-GMO, coconut butter laden popcorn, while watching the world's worst movies on Netflix...or pulling the covers over your head on a weekend to sleep the day away and not showering until 6pm...all of which can be justified as so good for you from an indulgent self-love standpoint).

From the outside, it may appear that I have it altogether. Recently I confided some of my life's perplexion and un-ease to a dear friend, and she was quick to say:

"Whit, I'm so glad to hear you don't have it all together!"

She didn't say that to be mean. She said that it put her at ease somehow. It's easy in this day in age to appear have it "all-together", the reality is, in real-time, it's usually not the case. My point is that life can be tricky to navigate, so be gentle and kind to yourself and others. Be good to you. C'est tout. Every time I say it, it is a remarkable reminder to myself.

In May 2016, I, along with 30+ of the strongest & most connected and centered men and women I have ever met, completed my 200HR yoga teacher training with Eoin Finn of Blissology in Bali, Indonesia.

This was a transformative time for me. I made some life-long friends that live permanently in my heart. We laughed, cried, and grew together - both independently and as a whole. I am keen to share my "blissflow" vinyasa flow yoga with the world.

Eoin Finn aims to be a conduit for love. He encouraged each of us to listen carefully to our life mission. With some meditation, reflection, discussion, and discovery it became more and more clear what my life mission is. 

My life mission is to be an ambassador for optimal living through holistic nutrition, movement, and lifestyle.

Please join me on the mat for some sacred time for you, so you can offer the best version of yourself off the mat.